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Get to know your classic car coverage options

We love classic and antique cars as much as you do. Learn more about the unique coverages we offer below, then contact your local agent to discuss the right coverage for you and your vintage ride.

Coverage Real-life scenario Standard Optional
Agreed Value Coverage Receive the amount agreed upon when you took out your policy if the car is declared a loss.1 Yes
Limited Use Coverage If you only drive 5,000 or less miles a year, you could pay less for your insurance.2 Yes
Roadside Assistance If your classic car breaks down, we won’t leave you stranded. From a jump start to a tow, our optional 24-Hour Roadside Assistance will get you moving again.3 Yes
Emergency Assistance Includes all the benefits of Roadside Assistance plus coverage for expenses like taxi fare, lodging, and protection for personal belongings including tools and spare parts left or stored in your car.4 Yes
Diminishing Deductible Remain claim-free and we’ll reduce your collision deductible by $100 with each annual policy renewal, for up to a maximum of $500 or for five years.5 Yes
Personal Property Coverage Pays the actual cash value of covered personal property that needs to be replaced due to a covered loss.6 Yes

We offer so many more coverage options at Safeco. Connect with a licensed independent agent near you to determine the best coverage options for your antique automobile.

You could save money with Safeco’s classic car discounts7

Take an accident prevention course

If you're a collector who successfully completes an approved accident prevention course, we'll give you a discount that lasts for three years. (Most states require drivers to be 55 years or older to qualify.)

Less than 5k miles per year

Keep your annual mileage below 5,000 miles for the year and you’ll qualify for limited use rates.

Bundle and Save

Get a discount when you insure your classic car and a regular auto with us, or qualify for a multi-policy discount when you also insure your motorcycle, home, boat, or RV with Safeco.

Enroll in Roadside Assistance for your antique automobile

We know your car has some miles on it – that’s partially what makes it a classic. Don’t get stranded in the event of a breakdown, flat, or any other covered incident that requires emergency assistance or a tow.

Enroll in Roadside Assistance when you purchase classic car insurance through your local independent agent.

Common classic car insurance questions

Looking for answers? Browse the most frequently asked questions below, or contact an agent to discuss Safeco classic car insurance today.

What kinds of classic cars does Safeco insure?

We specialize in covering classic cars, modified collector cars, reproductions, replicas, restorations, modern classic cars and antique autos. Cars we insure are unique and have intrinsic value. They also tend to retain or increase in value over time.

Our classic car insurance does not cover kit cars, restoration cars rebuilt to less than 50 percent, cars designed for racing or cars with a jet or nitrous oxide engine.

Talk to a local independent agent to find out if your classic car is eligible.

What makes a car “classic”?

Classic cars must be at least 10 years old and can include modified antiques and limited production cars. Modern classic cars must be limited production cars less than 10 years old. Antique cars must be at least 25 years old and have no modifications or have been restored to their original condition. Other restrictions may apply.

Ask your local independent agent if your car can be insured with Safeco classic car insurance.

Is there an annual mileage limit?

Safeco offers the option of regular use coverage, which allows you to drive your car for up to 10,000 miles per year. Restricted use coverage allows you to drive up to 5,000 miles per year.

What does grand value mean?

Prior to issuing your policy, we work closely with you to come to an agreement on the value of your car, based on your car’s market value and condition. If your car is declared a total loss after being stolen or damaged, you will receive that amount. All you pay is the deductible. It’s a good idea to review your policy with your agent on an annual basis to ensure the agreed value is still accurate.

Do I have to insure my other cars or home with Safeco to purchase?

No, your classic car can be insured by itself. However, if you insure your classic and regular auto on the same policy you can qualify for a multi-car discount.


  1. Availability varies by state. Subject to deductible.
  2. Availability varies by state. Conditions and limits apply.
  3. Coverage is provided on the optional Towing & Labor Coverage endorsement. May vary by state. Applies to mechanical breakdowns and disablements only, and may be subject to limits.
  4. Conditions and limits apply.
  5. Availability varies by state. Conditions and limits apply. Not available in all states.
  6. Availability varies by state. Limits apply.
  7. Discounts and savings are available where state laws and regulations allow, and may vary by state. Certain discounts apply to specific coverages only. To the extent permitted by law, applicants are individually underwritten; not all applicants may qualify.
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