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Get to know your landlord coverage options

We understand that your rental property is a serious investment. Learn more about the unique coverages we offer below, then contact a local independent agent to discuss the right coverage for you and your residential property.

Coverage Real-life scenario Standard Optional
Extended Dwelling Get up to 25% more protection than the limit stated in your policy. In the event of a total loss we will help pay for unexpected repair or rebuilding costs.1 Yes
Premises Liability Coverage Protection against libel and slander, wrongful eviction and wrongful entry claims. Also protects you and your spouse/domestic partner against personal injury and other non-bodily injury claims.1 Yes
Wind/Hail If a severe hail storm causes damage to the windows of your rental property, this coverage his will help you get them repaired. Yes
Fair Rental Value If your unit is damaged in a covered event – say, a fire - and you’re unable to rent it for a period of time, this will cover the lost rent while repairs take place.2 Yes
Inflation Protection A spike in inflation causes contracting repair costs to go up, this keeps pace with inflation. That way you’re covered for a total loss.3 Yes

We offer so many more coverage options at Safeco. View all of our coverages below, then connect with a licensed independent agent near you to determine the best coverage options for your rental property.

You could save money with Safeco’s landlord insurance discounts4


Advanced Quote Discount

Discount provided for customers who quote in advance.


Account Credit

When you insure both your rental property and home with Safeco, you are qualified for a 5% premium credit.


Insure your home, too

You'll save 5% when you insure both your homeowners and landlord policies with Safeco.

What’s the difference between landlord and homeowners insurance?

It’s a good question. Generally speaking, Landlord Insurance covers the protection of your rental properties, specifically the “dwelling” (the structure of the property) as opposed to your possessions, which are covered by Homeowners Insurance.

However, Safeco Landlord Insurance also offers extensive loss of use and liability coverage for your residential rental property including items such as microwaves, refrigerators, and washer and dryers being used by your tenants.1

Common landlord insurance questions

Looking for answers? Browse the most frequently asked questions below, or contact an agent to discuss Safeco landlord insurance today.

You rent out your second home – is landlord insurance right for you?

Yes — this coverage is specifically designed to protect landlords like you.

Safeco is one of the top providers of landlord insurance in the U.S. and covers residential rentals up to four units. This includes single family homes, condo units, duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes.

This coverage protects you from damage to the dwelling and from certain types of liability unique to landlords such as wrongful eviction, wrongful entry, and invasion of privacy claims.

You own a small building with four apartments and retail space on the ground floor. Are you eligible for Safeco landlord insurance?

This insurance is intended for non-commercial residential properties. The retail space makes the building mixed-use, which is not a type of property Safeco landlord insurance covers.

What's the maximum number of rentals you can own and still get Safeco insurance?

In most states, Safeco will insure you if you own a maximum of 16 rental units. A duplex, for example, counts as two units. Safeco landlord coverage combines elements of commercial and personal insurance to give you the best possible protection.

What if you’re between tenants?

To be eligible for a Safeco policy, all units should be occupied by a tenant. However, there are exceptions, so talk with your local independent agent about your options.

For example, if you're doing a light renovation between tenants, like painting or re-carpeting, you may be eligible to insure your rental with Safeco.

What types of buildings are right for landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance is a great choice for rental properties made of standard, stick-built construction. We do not insure mobile or manufactured homes, homes listed in a historic registry, homes with open foundation construction, homes with farming exposures, or older homes with outdated electrical wiring.

Contact your local independent agent to discuss the construction details of your rental property.


  1. Availability varies by state. Terms and conditions apply.
  2. Qualifications and conditions apply. Eligibility may vary by state.
  3. Conditions apply. Not available in all states. Eligibility may vary by state.
  4. Discounts and savings are available where state laws and regulations allow and may vary by state. Certain discounts apply to specific coverages only. To the extent permitted by law, applicants are individually underwritten; not all applicants may qualify.
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